"Total Body Workouts H"

Total Body Workouts H offers yet another tool on your quest for full body conditioning. Enjoy greater fat loss through strength training, interval training, and circuit training combined.

Let's warm it up!

Warm Up

Y Squat1022:0:2
Leg Swings10 each side21:1:1
Arm Circles40(10 slow and small in each direction, 10 bigger and faster in each direction)2alter speed with every 10 reps
Forward Lunge With Arms Overhead10 each leg, alternating21:1:1

Circuit A(Rest 10-20 seconds between exercises, 60-90 between cirucits.)

Step Ups to High Step15 per leg2-31:2:1
Forward Lunge with touchdown12 each leg2-31:1:1
Sliding Reverse Lunge15-20 each leg2-31:2:1
Kayaker on Stability Ball12-15 each side2-31:1:1

Circuit B(Rest 10-20 seconds between exercises, 60-90 seconds between circuits.)

Band Side Steps15 each leg2-31:2:1
Sliding Lateral Lunge20 each leg2-31:2:1
Bent Over Dumbbell Row15-20 each side2-32:2:2
Alternating Bicep Curl15-20 each arm2-31:1:1
Triceps Dip on Bench15-202-3

Circuit C(Rest 10-20 seconds between exercises and 60-90 seconds between circuits.)

Overhead Shoulder Press15-202-32:1:2
Single Straight Arm Crunch to Opposite Side on Ball15-20 per side2-32:1:2
Reverse Curls15-202-32:1:2
Reverse Hyper-extensions152-32:1:2

Cool Down and Stretching

Your transition from active to mellow, aka your cool down, is a vital part of your workout. Be sure to include some light movement and a variety of stretching at the end of your workout and between workouts. This will keep your circulation active and alleviate soreness as a result of working out.

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