"Total Body Workouts G"

Total body workouts are great for full body conditioning. Continue to condition your heart, strengthen your muscles, increase your endurance, and blast that fat!

Always warm up before your workout.

Warm Up

Prisoner Squats2:0:1102
Push Ups2:0:162
Prisoner Forward Lunge2:0:16 each side2

Workout Set A (rest 10 sec between exercises, 45 between circuits, 30 seconds at end of 3rd circuit)

Alternating Dumbbell Press 3 seconds up, 1 second down12 per arm3
Overhead Bulgarian Split Squat3 seconds up, 1 second down15 each side3
Bent-Over Lateral Raises3 seconds up, 1 second down83

Metabolic Circuit (repeat 2-3 times with 10 seconds rest between exercises, then rest 90 before moving on to Circuit B)

Depth Jump to Jump Squats5210 seconds
Side Plank25 seconds per side2Rest 90 seconds and move to Circuit B

Circuit B (rest 20 sec between exercises, 75 between circuits, 30 after 3rd circuit)

Bent Over DB Row3 seconds up, 1 sec down12 (per side if support is needed)3
Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift4 seconds up, 1 second down153
Y-Press3 seconds up, 1 second down103 sets

Metabolic Circuit (2-3 sets with 20 seconds between exercises, 45 before going to Circuit C)

Push Up Position PlankAs Long As Possible2-3
Mountain JumpersAs Many As Possible in 45 seconds2-3

Circuit C (no rest in between, go from one to the other, then rest 90 seconds between circuits)

Twisting Crunch on Swiss Ball2 seconds up, 1 second down8 per side2-3
Bodyweight SquatDrop down, 4 seconds up10 reps2-3

Cool Down and Stretching

Cooling your body down for the transition from activity to rest is an integral part of your workout. Light movement combined with stretching will help your body heal quicker resulting in less soreness in your muscles and faster recovery.

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