"Get Your Sweat On With Total Body Workouts C"

Challenge your balance, stability and flexibility with Total Body Workouts C.

Continue to boost your metabolism, alter your body composition, (i.e. build muscle and lose fat) and condition your cardiovascular system in this full body routine.

"Total Body Workouts C"

Complete 5 circuits doing 12 repetitions of each exercise per circuit.

Strength Training Circuit

E1: Modified Side Plank With Dumbbell Oblique Crunch

  1. Hold dumbbell in each hand.

  2. Kneel on left knee extending right leg out to the side.

  3. Place let hand on floor under shoulder.

  4. Extend right arm up over head reaching up as left arm reaches down.

  5. Keeping left side stable, bring right arm and right knee together.

  6. Return to starting position.

  7. Repeat on opposite side.

E2: Lunge With Dumbbell Tricep Extension

  1. Stand with feet in partial split squat position, left foot forward, right heel lifted.

  2. Hold dumbbells in each hand.

  3. Bend left knee over toes and bring dumbbells down to ankles.

  4. Straighten your knee and raise weights as far behind you as you can using your triceps muscles.

  5. Return to starting position.

  6. Repeat with right foot forward.

E3: Sumo Squat With Dumbbell Biceps Curl

  1. Place feet wider than hips width apart, toes pointing out, knees going in direction of toes while holding a dumbbell in each hand.

  2. Squat down, and keeping elbows at your side, raise the weights up to below shoulder height, keeping tension on your biceps at all times.

  3. Use your leg muscles to raise your body back to start as you lower your hands and arms to your sides.

E3: Single Leg Squat With Raised Leg Figure 4 and Front Shoulder Dumbbell Raise

  1. Stand with feet hip width apart, a weight in each hand.

  2. Place left ankle on right thigh; squat raising arms to shoulder height, palms facing in.

  3. As you stand, kick your left leg forward an bend elbows bringing weights to waist.

  4. Repeat

E4: Side Bending Reach

  1. Stand with feet shoulders width apart.

  2. Turn right foot out to 90 degrees.

  3. Keeping body straight, bend to the right reaching right hand down to the floor as you kick your left leg back and up to the left.

  4. Return to starting position.

E6: Modified Plank With Side Leg Lift

  1. Begin in a modified plank position with elbows and toes on floor. Abdominals are in and butt down.

  2. Keeping back flat, bring right knee toward right elbow and hold.

  3. Return right toes to floor and bring left knee to left elbow and hold.

  4. Repeat.

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