"Kick up Your Heart rate While Blasting Fat With Total Body Workouts A"

Ready to blast that fat once and for all? Start your week off with Total Body Workouts A. Start with a dynamic strength training circuit followed by a metabolic circuit.

Strength Training Circuit

  • Do four complete circuits
  • Perform 10 repetitions per exercise per circuit
  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises and circuits

E1 Jump Squat with medicine ball toss

E2 Dumbbell Dead Lift (Single leg if advanced)

E3 Standing Overhead Shoulder Press

Strength Circuit 2

  • Complete 4 circuits
  • Perfom 10 repetitions per exercise per circuit
  • Rest 30 seconds between exercises and circuits

E1 Single Leg Squat with dumbbell bicep curl (complete 10 on each side)

E2 Push Ups Plus

E3 Lying Cable Pull Over (dumbbells will work, too)

  • Sit on a stability ball.

  • Walk your feet out as you roll down until your upper back and neck are on the ball.

  • Keeping your feet hips distance apart, push your hips up engaging your glutes. Arms are overhead to grab straight bar or rope attachment on cable.

  • Keeping arms straight, without locking elbows, bring your hands up, over and down to your hips.

  • Slowly return to your starting position.

E4 Medicine Ball Twist Seated on Stability Ball

Metabolic Circuit

Start by doing this metabolic circuit for 5 times. This is a great way to jump start your metabolism.

You'll want to have or be near a clock with a second hand.

Okay, here is today's metabolic circuit...

  1. Jumping Jacks 30 seconds
  2. Mountain Climbers 30 seconds
  3. Rest 30 seconds

That's it! Each week add a circuit until you are able to complete 12 circuits.

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