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As many of you know I was knocked down with the flu this past week.  Although being sick was the pits, it gave me time to rest my body, and mind and refocus my energy, something I wasn't doing very much of these past few months.  As per my usual pattern, I was taking on more and more and resting less and less.  I was juggling family responsibilities and the desire to spend time with everyone when they were home, the responsibilities of planning and growing a business in a new direction, house duties, work responsibilities, time for my husband, and of course some recreational activities like skiing and yoga.  Wow, it's just exhausting reading all of that!  The one thing that is not on this list is sleep, rest, and relaxation, time to recharge and renew. 

These last 5-7 days in bed were actually a gift, yup you read that right, a gift.  "How was having the flu and being laid up in bed a gift?" you say?  Here's gave a brand new meaning to time.  In my bedroom with the shades drawn and the dark warmth of my bed, time slowed down.  That may sound ridiculous to you as you rush around like most of us do.  However, I gained a new perspective, one in which I was able to create time.  No the world didn't stop because I was in bed, it went humming along on it's merry way.  However, there was nothing I could do but rest and get well.  I got a flurry of emails and texts from clients wishing me well and telling me to take my time healing, they'd be waiting for me upon my healing.  My husband did all he could to make me comfortable and take care of the things that had to get done.  My daughter was away at Grandma's having a ball, and my son couldn't have been sweeter...checking in on me, bringing me glasses of water, throat lozenges, and his sweet concern for me being ill.  Feeling the healing hands of my loved ones and of the extended family we've created reminded me of all I have to be grateful for and to slow down as I slowly get back to "normal" life activities.

So what does any of this have to do with making time for you?  Let me show you.  First, think about how you feel when you think about time.  What pops up for you?  Maybe many of the phrases we hear throughout our days all around us...not enough hours in the day, wasted time, never time to get it all done, if only I could find the time, when did life get so busy, there never seems to be any time...and so on and so forth.  Do you go to bed at night having accomplished so much but still feeling rushed and thinking about tomorrow's list?  Let's take a look at how to shift these feelings from stressed out, rushed, tired out, frantic, to calm, peaceful, plenty of time for all of the things you do.

The secret to time, is that you are its creator.  You have the capacity to make time your own.  It takes practice to shift your mind to a new way of thinking about time, especially within our modern society.  Time is yours.  You are reading this article right now, you've chosen to take the time to do this, now.  I bet there are things on  your to-do list that you could be doing, or work that could be getting done, however, something about this topic reached out to you, and you wanted to find out more.  You made the time to read.  Now don't go beating yourself up and piling up all of the other things you need to do in  your mind, just notice how you feel.  Do you feel harried?  Rushed?  Hassled?  Or do you feel calm and relaxed taking a moment for yourself?  I am not suggesting that we throw out all of our responsibilities, I am simply suggesting that we have all the time we need, and the only moment that we are sure of is now.

So how can we practically apply this to our lives? 

  1. Think about what you really want to be doing. 
  2. Take a few minutes to brainstorm, when you write something down that brings a smile to your face and warmth to your heart, you hit the thing(s) you really want to do. 
  3. Now before you start thinking, "but I don't have time", create a priority list of things to accomplish.  
  4. Place the thing you want to do at the TOP of your list.  Yes, the top.  For example, I like to write, spend time with my family and do yoga.  Those things go on the top of my priority list,  everything else goes below.  I know that when I am writing, I am in a zone I really enjoy, it could be article writing, creating workouts, writing content filled emails for you, journal writing, etc.  I am my most creative when I am writing and NOT worrying about all the other "stuff" that needs to get done.
  5. Complete the things you love, first.  I like to write early in the morning, if that doesn't happen due to other obstacles, I write the first chance I get, before I do all the other things on my list.
  6. Challenge yourself to think about time differently.  Begin by telling yourself that you have plenty of time.  Resist the urge to look at your watch, clock, phone...and know that you have plenty of time.  Keep telling yourself that you have plenty of time, it's true.  I'll tell you a little story, it just happened to me yesterday.  I finally felt like getting out of bed and I decided I'd try to go to a yoga class.  It was 8:45 and the class started at 9.  My first thoughts were, oh no, well if I RUSH I can make it.  (I live 5 minutes from the studio, bonus)  Instead of rushing, I told myself, "you have plenty of time, relax."  So relax I did, I got up, went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth, got dressed, grabbed my towel and water bottle and headed out to the car.  I drove down to the studio resisting the urge to feel rushed, harried and late. As I pulled into the studio and parked, another yogi pulled in after me!  I went inside and casually spoke with the instructor as I took off my street clothes.  I went into the studio and set up my mat and towel and water bottle.  The other yogi had gone back to her car, and upon coming inside she informed the instructor that another yogi had just pulled up and was coming in.  The instructor took the time to share some yogi wisdom with us as she waited for the final yogi to join us.  I had plenty of time to get to the studio, set up, and yes, even lie in savasana for a few minutes prior to class!  I urge you to try this method. 

In the end, it's all up to each of us to make the time we want.  Challenge yourself to think differently about time.  Challenge yourself to believe you have the time you need, plenty of time.  Prioritize your activities putting the things you want to do first, yes first.  Challenge yourself to let go of time as we know it.  Yes you will still be to work at the appropriate time, and to pick up your kids, and to get your workout in.  Time is in your hands and  your head.  You can do this.  I always love to hear from you.  Feel free to share below how you created time today.  Keep working toward creating the time you need and want, and keep sharing with me here to inspire yourself and others. 

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