Why Suspension Training?

Suspension training builds total body strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using your own body weight no matter your fitness level.


Enjoy fun, challenging, and effective workouts anywhere. Step up your fitness from beginner to elite athlete!

  1. It goes anywhere!

  2. Uses your body weight in a whole new way!

  3. Offers core conditioning and stability training.

  4. Simple to complex exercises.

  5. All fitness levels can use this.

  6. Get creative, there are 100s of exercises you can do.

  7. Results, results, results!

How do I use this thing?

Gone are the days of needing a gym to get our workouts in. Let's face it, our lives are busy and full of responsibilities, yet our fitness is important to us and our overall health.

My favorite way to train lately is to grab my suspension trainer and throw it over the door, around a tree trunk, lamppost, or any old place I can find to make it work! I even took it to the gym last week!

  1. Choose a place to workout
    • inside or outside?
    • door, tree, branch, support post?
    • choose appropriate attachment

  2. Choose a workout

  3. Get to work!!!

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