"Strength Training Routines
That Get You To Your Goals...
...For Good!"

Discover strength training routines that fit easily into your workout schedule and get you to your goals.

My clear, concise instructions help you focus on building muscle, burning fat, and avoiding injury. You'll reach your fitness goals quicker while getting the most out of your workouts.

Your personal fitness goals will determine your weight training style.

Total Body Workouts are a fabulous way to strengthen and sculpt your muscles while boosting your metabolism.

Doing full body routines increases the intensity of your workout while limiting the time necessary to get your workout in.

What could be better than increased results in less time? To learn more about total body workouts, click here.

If your goals include increasing the size of certain muscle groups, incorporate isolation exercises into your strength training routine during the week.

Check out our strength training workouts by muscle group.

"Index of Strength Training Workouts By Muscle Group"

Abdominal Workouts

Chest Workouts

Back Workouts

Shoulder Workouts

Arm Workouts

Have Great Strength Training Routines?

Share your success stories and tips about the strength training routines you've found most effective.

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