"Standing Bicep Curl"

The standing bicep curl is another classic arm exercise. Your mind and body work together here to build sexy arms while engaging core stability!

You'll be stronger in your everyday activities and one step closer to your goals!

A few tips before we get started:

  • Record your bicep exercises in your workout log for success

  • Choose a weight that challenges you to reach your last few repetitions in each set.

  • When you can no longer hold your form, STOP!

  • Let's get started!

    "Choose dumbbells, cables, or tubing for these bicep curls.

    1. Begin standing up, feet shoulder width apart, weight in each hand.

    2. Pull your shoulder blades back and down using your back muscles. Hold.

    3. Pull your belly button in towards your spine. Hold.

    4. Turn your wrists so that the weights are facing out.

    5. Use your biceps to raise the weight up to chest level.
      • It is important that you do not bring weight to vertical.

      • This takes the resistance off of your bicep, wasting your time!

    6. Lower the weight to the starting position, controlling it all the way down.

    7. Repeat.

    "Variation: Single Arm Curl"

    1. Follow standing bicep curls above.

    2. Instead of curling both arms at once, alternate arms curling one arm up while the other is going down.

    3. One repetition is complete when both arms have curled up.

    Complete 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions each.

    Work your muscle to fatigue. In other words, you should be struggling to complete the last few repetitions, but always do so with proper form.

    When you can no longer hold your form, you must stop to avoid injury! This is one of the best bicep exercises, but it is easy to over do the weight and lose your form. Focus on your form for best results.

    You're on your way to building your biceps and your sexy arms!

    Here's to you!

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