"Beginner Shoulder Workout #2"

Check out this shoulder workout and get closer to those sexy, strong shoulders you want!

We're still building the basics while challenging those muscles. Remember, the more muscle we build, the more our bodies become fat burning machines!

Got your workout sheet and log? This is a great place to record your progress. Writing your workouts down are a key to sticking with your exercise program.


Let's rip up those shoulder muscles and get closer to our goals!

"Sculpt Sexy Shoulders With Tubing And Cables"

Cable Overhead Press2 sets10-15 repetitions
Cable Lateral Raise2 sets10-15 repetitions
Cable Rear Deltoid Pull2 sets10-15 repeptitions

Congratulations! You've completed another strength training routine! Stick with this beginner workout for 3 to 4 weeks and then change it up again to continue getting the results you want!

With strong, sexy shoulders you'll be ready for anything!

Check your daily workout schedules and your personal MAP to stay on track and reach your fitness goals!

Here's to your ideal body!

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