Cable Shoulder Press

Check out this gym shoulder press for sculpting and strengthening your shoulder muscles. You'll look forward to sleeveless top time when you incorporate this shoulder exercise into your routine.

You'll want to use a cable system for this one. Choose a weight that will challenge your shoulder muscles for the last for few repetitions of each set.

Record your exercises to track your progress!

Add this shoulder strengthening exercise to your workout routine!

  1. You'll want a handle attachment for the cable system.

  2. Attach the handles to each of the lower attachment sites.

  3. Stand in the center of the cable system with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

  4. Pull your belly button toward your spine and hold.

  5. Pull your shoulder blades back and down. Hold.

  6. Bring your arms up.

    • Elbows are bent at 90 degrees.

    • Elbows are in line with shoulders.

    • Hands with cable attachments are directly above elbows.

    • Wrists are straight.

  7. Inhale. Exhale and press your cables up and overhead using your shoulder muscles to raise the weights.

  8. Inhale as you come back to your starting position.

    • You may bring your elbows down to chest height when coming to your starting position, but no lower.

  9. Do 10-15 repetitions per set.

Congratulations! You've completed another strength training exercise! You're on your way to your ideal body.

Be sure to record your workout for maximum success!

Here's to you!

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