Sculpt Sexy Shoulders WIth These Shoulder Exercises

Want to show off sexy shoulders? You'll want to wear a sleeveless top all year round with these shoulder exercises.

Strengthening and toning your shoulder muscles gives you strength in your everyday activities and the activities you choose for fun!

When you change your body composition by combining strength training with cardiovascular workouts and good nutrition, you'll see the muscles you work hard to develop.

Finding a shoulder workout routine that fits your fitness goals and level is a breeze, just click here for my ready made workouts. If you prefer to create your own workout, check out the exercises listed below.

Shoulder Index Of Exercises

  1. Shoulder Press

  2. Lateral Raise

  3. Rear Deltoid (rear shoulder)

    • Rear Deltoid Row

    • Cable Pull For Rear Delts

    • Dumbbell Row (bend at waist)

    • Single Arm Row

    • Wide Arm Push Ups

Choose a press, lateral raise, and row for a complete shoulder workout. Not sure where to fit a shoulder workout in? Visit our daily workout schedules page and fit it in!

To create a complete MAP(Motivation. Action. Plan.) click here.

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