Looking For Strong Shoulders? Try This Shoulder Exercise...The Front Shoulder Raise

Looking to strengthen your shoulder muscles and tone them, too? The front raise is a great exercise to incorporate into your workout routine.

This is a great way to hit the front of your shoulder. You use your shoulders in your daily activities and they are shown off all summer in swimsuits and sleeveless tops.

The shoulder raise can be done with dumbbells, cables, or tubing. We'll start with dumbbells.

Let's sculpt those shoulders!

Remember to record your workouts to track your progress.

Strengthen Your Shoulders With This Shoulder Raise

front raise 1front raise 2
  1. Grab a set of dumbbells.

  2. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent.

  3. Pull your belly button in towards your spine and hold.

  4. Pull your shoulder blades back and down. Hold.

  5. Arms are at your sides holding dumbbells.

  6. Backs of hands are facing front.

  7. Inhale. Exhale and raise your right hand up to shoulder height.

  8. Bring your right hand back to your starting position and raise your left hand up to shoulder level.

  9. Bring your left hand back to your starting position.

  10. Continue alternating your right and left arm up and down.

  11. When you have raised and lowered both your right and left arms, you have completed one repetition.

  12. Complete 10-15 repetitions per set.

  13. Remember to record your progress for maximum success!!!

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