Reach Your Fitness Goals With Our Unique MAP System

When you have a goal it helps to map out where you are going. It takes motivation, dedication and commitment, no matter the destination. Think about planning a vacation or a weekend road trip to visit friends. First you want to figure out where you are going (your goal). Next you'll want to figure out how you'll reach your destination, taking action, making a plan to do so safely and effectively keeping your goals in mind. Finally you'll want to put the plan into action, using the map and plan that you have created. Your dedication and commitment to reaching your goal will keep your motivation strong.

"Create Your Personal Fitness MAP And Reach Your Ideal Body Destination"

fit woman with tape measure Are you looking for a way to finally get fit and healthy? If you are like many of the folks I know, you are looking to increase strength and endurance, and enjoy the aesthetic side effects that go with getting there. Most people are at a loss when it comes to reaching that goal. I created this MAP system just for you! Follow this method step by step and you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do to reach your goals and about how long it will take! "M = Motivation." When you are motivated, nothing can stop you. This is the driving force that gets us started on anything including exercise plans.

How To Stay Motivated

What do we do when that initial excitement wears off and doubt and struggle begin to creep in? Couple dedication with commitment and get that stick with it attitude that carries you to success.

"What do I mean?"

Take a moment to grab a pen and paper right now. We're going to formulate our fitness goals, aka our destination. Let's focus on you and figure out your goals for health and fitness. What are you looking to accomplish? Be honest with yourself. What do you really want?

  1. Are you interested in weight loss?
  2. weight scale
    • Be specific, how much weight do you want to lose?

    • Why do you want to lose that weight?

      • To look great in a bathing suit or anything for that matter?

      • Are you going to an event?

      • Do you want to fit into a certain outfit?

      • Do you want to take excess pressure off of your hip, knee and ankle joints?

    Be as specific as possible when goal setting.

  3. Do you want to build muscle?
    • Why?
    • Do you want big muscles?

    • Or strength to do the things you love?

    • Do you want to be admired by onlookers?

    • Are you looking to be ripped?

  4. Are you looking to lose fat?
It's important to be as specific as you can. Take a moment right now and imagine yourself when you reach that ideal body. How do you feel? See your sleek, sexy body doing the things you love. Feel what that feels like. Enjoy. Now, when you have moments of self doubt or fatigue, put yourself in your fit, healthy body. Go to that place and feel what it's like to be there. Look at the goals you have written down and get that workout in! Remind yourself why you are doing this.

"Remember dedication + commitment = motivation."

With this formula you will overcome those tough moments and persevere to reach those goals. You'll look fantastic in that sexy pair of jeans, win the admiration of those around you, and best of all, have the strength and endurance to do the things you love. Of course you'll look and feel great, what a great deal! Let's get ready for the next step. "A = Action"

You know what you want and why. You've whittled your fitness goals down to specifics you can feel. This is one of the most important steps, knowing what you want. Let's keep up with the momentum you've built with goal setting. It's great to set goals, but if that's as far as you go, you won't reach your destination. Much like dreaming about a fantasy vacation without actually doing your research and figuring out a way to get there. Reaching your goals requires action on your part.

"With dedication and commitment on your side you'll be sure to stick with the personal plan you create."

Once you have your plan created...guess what!?! You must put that into action! The best news is, that's the easy part. Why? You'll have it all laid out in front of you to grab and go. So let's get down to the nitty gritty and create that plan. "P = Plan" exercise books
Let's make an exercise journal. A place for your personal MAP and outcomes. This will house your goals, motivation, daily workouts schedules, record of workouts done, etc....your plan. You already have your goals written down. You can close your eyes, and "see" and "feel" what it's like to achieve your ideal body. Take a moment to do this again, right now. Yup. Close those eyes.
  • See yourself in that sexy bathing suit on the beach.
  • Family, friends, and strangers admire your lean, strong body.
  • You look and feel fantastic, the best you've ever looked and felt.
  • You can wear anything you choose and be comfortable and look gorgeous.
  • Your energy level is high and you participate in your favorite activities with those you love.
  • Bask in that feeling of success and joy.
Feel the motivation rising? Let's use that dedication and commitment to create a plan.

"Discover Your Fitness Level And Reach Your Goals"

This one step can be the difference between reaching your destination and ending up back on your couch. Working out at a level that is too high will quickly become frustrating leading you to quit quicker. A workout that doesn't challenge us will be dropped out of boredom.

"How can you determine the level of workout that's right for you?"

First be honest with yourself. Are you
  • New to working out or just starting up again?

  • An athlete looking to train off season?

  • A weekend warrior?

  • Active? (Move throughout day, not sitting all day)

  • Sedentary

  • following doctor's orders?

  • Looking for a change in routine?

"Once you determine where you are,
it will be easier to see where you are going."

  • A beginner is brand new to working out. She is motivated and eager to learn. She will choose basic cardiovascular workouts working in heart rate zones 1 and 2. Basic strength training workouts will strengthen and tone her muscles giving her a foundation for future exercises.

  • Intermediates have worked out regularly in the past and is looking to amp up her workout or is re-entering the workout arena. She will choose cardiovascular workouts that challenge her, including interval training. Strength training will combine weight and stability challenges further sculpting and strengthening her muscle.

  • An athlete is at the advanced level. She will include high intensity interval training in her cardiovascular workout plan. Her strength training routines will couple power, strength, agility and core stability for a total body challenge.

"Always challenge yourself!"

A workout that is not challenging is a waste of time. Get the most out of your workouts and challenge your mind and body. The exercises provided on this site, offer clear, concise instructions for each level. Follow them closely and you will arrive at your destination stronger and sleeker than when you left! Finally let's do those measurements. We want to know where we came from when we reach that ideal body. Take a deep breath, measure and record the following:
  • weight
  • waist
  • chest
  • thigh
  • upper arm
  • body fat if you have a caliper

"Now that you have determined your fitness level, and taken your starting measurements, let's firm up that MAP."

The exercises you choose to make up your workouts will fit into your fitness level. Some general guidelines:
  • Strength Training Routines
    • Work each body part no less than once and no more than twice per week.
    • Do strength training 3 to 4 days per week.
    • Do 10 to 15 repetitions per set
    • Choose weights that allow you to keep your form throughout the set and make it difficult to complete the last few reps

  • Cardiovascular Workouts
    • Minimum of 3 days per week for 30 minutes
    • At least 20 minutes in target heart rate zone
    • Choose workouts that are challenging
    • Understand heart rate zones
    Now that you have some general guidelines and your motivation level is high...let's go over to daily workout schedules and get a plan down on paper! Congratulations! You are working hard to create your personal MAP! This is the first step achieving success! Go to daily workout schedules.

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