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Time for You, How To Create It

Discover how to make time for you... to relax, work out, attend boot camp and fitness classes. Open your mind and free up your time.

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21 Day Pound for Dollars Challenge

That's it... I'm doing it! This Monday, January 6th we're starting the 21 day pound for dollars challenge to help you quickly drop inches and pounds while raising money for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports.

Here's how it works: Sign up for my brand new 21 day pound for dollars challenge. I'll help you lose as much weight as you can (safely) in 21 days - includes our awesome workouts and rapid fat loss meal plans. And for every pound you lose, I'll donate one dollar to Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports!

Starts this Monday January 6th so send me a private message me at, and I'll give you all the details. I'm only accepting a limited number of people for this challenge.

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Rishpal Singh

i am fat person. my weight is 85 kgs and height is 168 cms.

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How To Create Balance and Neuromuscular Control Through Functional Training

Discover how you can improve balance, stability, and neuromuscular control. Improve your daily activities and functionality of your body!

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Luscious Raw Lunch

Discover luscious raw lunch ideas. Quick, simple, delicous recipes for all.

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Breakfast Ideas in the Raw

Breakfast ideas in the raw offers a variety of recipes to kick off your day. Find smoothies, fruit bowls, and more! Looking for simple, healthy ways to start your day? That's what you'll find here.

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Raw Food Diet Meal Plans

Find raw food diet meal plans that fit easily into your lifesyle. Looking for weight loss? A raw food diet can work for you. Check it out!

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Total Body Workouts Suspension Training

Get your sweat on with suspension training total body workouts. Get your heart pumping and your muscles worked to the max!

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Fruit Smoothies and Frozen Treats

At fruit smoothies and frozen treats you'll find raw recipes to tickle your sweet tooth. Healthy recipes for raw desserts. Enjoy!

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Raw Food Diet Recipes

You'll find our raw food diet recipes varied and simple to follow. From meal plans to raw desserts, you'll find ways to get your RAW on with our recipes. Rawk on!

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Green Smoothie Recipes

Enjoy a variety of green smoothie recipes for your healthy lifestyle.

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Green Smoothies

Discover the benefits of green smoothies and how to make them.

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Suspension Training

Suspension training builds total body strength, balance, flexibility and core stability using your own bodyweight no matter your fitness level.

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Total Body Workouts G

Total Body Workouts G continues to rock you with full full body conditioning. Combine strength training routines with high intensity interval training to blast fat and sculpt your ideal body!

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Free Ab Workout Intermediate 1

Free ab workout intermediate #1 guides shows you how to challenge your core as you strengthen and slim your midline.

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