Fat Burning Workout Treadmill #2

Interval training is a great way to burn fat, fight boredom, and challenge your body. It's not the only way to burn fat. In Fat Burning Treadmill Workout #2 you'll walk/run at your target heart rate for 20 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes each to warm up and cool down.

This is a great workout for any level of fitness. If you are intermediate or advanced, use this workout after a break from cardio workouts.

  1. 5 minute warm up

    1. Begin by walking on your treadmill at a speed of 3.0 - 3.5 depending on your comfort level.

    2. You are warming your muscles in preparation for working in your target heart rate zone.

  2. Increase the speed of your treadmill to 3.8 or above for the next 20 minutes

  3. As you grow comfortable with your speed, increase the intensity of this workout by increasing the incline or ramp height of your treadmill. I like to walk at an incline of at least 4%.

  4. 5 minute Cool Down

    1. Return ramp to starting position; no incline

    2. Slow speed to 3.5 for 3 minutes

    3. Slow speed to 3.0 for 2 minutes

  5. You have completed your workout!

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