"Learn Why Cardiovascular Workouts Are Important"

To reach those fitness goals, you need three components...

  • Cardiovascular workouts to burn more fat

  • Strength training workouts to build muscle

  • Proper nutrition to give you the energy and nutrients you want to reach your goals!

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"So why is cardiovascular fitness important? What's the big fuss about cardiovascular workouts?"

Let's take a brief look.

When you work your cardiovascular system you increase your metabolism increasing your body's fat burning ability. Losing fat lets everyone see those sexy muscles you worked hard to build.

You got it, this takes you closer to reaching that ideal body goal!

Check out our cardio workouts to get some variety. Choose workouts you enjoy so you stay motivated. With our cardiovascular workouts you'll never be bored. You'll stick with your workout plans and achieve your fitness goals once and for all!

You'll look and feel great with time to enjoy life with those you love!

"There's More to Cardiovascular Fitness Than Fat Loss"

What could be better than reaching our goals and having time to enjoy life?

Knowing our heart is healthy and that we have a long life ahead of us!

As we get fit, our blood volume increases and improves our heart health. More nutrients and oxygen are carried to the cells and wastes are more efficiently removed.

What does this mean? Your endurance increases allowing you to play longer at the things you enjoy. Removing toxins leads to a healthier, disease free body!

We add all of these benefits together to equal a great quality of life with those we love!

"Learn about target heart rate zones to choose a cardiovascular workout for your level of fitness."

Remember, more is not better. Begin where you are and progress toward your goals from there. The last thing you want is to overdo it and put yourself out of commission.

Also, consider that you will want to add intensity, variety, and time to your workouts as your level of fitness improves.

Finding out about heart rate zones and being true to yourself will start you off on the right foot, keeping you motivated to reach your goals.

Altering your body composition leads to a fit body.

What does that mean?

Burning fat and building muscle is where it's at.

No matter what your fitness goals are, cardiovascular fitness is imperative.

"So, How Do You Find The
Best Cardio Workout
For You?"

First, it's important to determine and WRITE DOWN your fitness goals. I'm sure you've all heard the saying "Failure to plan is planning to fail!"

The same is true for fitness goals.

"Set yourself up for success by determining what your goals are."

For example, I have two young children who are extremely active and love to run. I am 40 years old and not only do I want to be around for a long time...I want to run with the kids, too instead of telling them I am too tired.

When I was younger and had no kids, my fitness goals were centered around aesthetics and strength. The cardiovascular fitness came easy and I did limited cardiovascular workouts in the gym...just enough to satisfy my fat loss goals.

Take some time, right now, to determine what your goals are. Creating you own personal MAP will help you stay on course to achieve your fitness goals.

Now, determine what you like to do. Think about your lifestyle and the types of activities you like participate in, or that are necessary, like walking. Think how you can integrate cardio into your daily life if possible.

Most people, including myself, just have to "bite the bullet" and find the 20 to 30 minutes to get my cardiovascular workout in. It just needs to happen! The results you seek will come that much easier.

Have Great Cardiovascular Workouts Tips?

Share your success story, tip or review of your favorite cardiovascular workouts.

"The most important ingredient for your success is your desire to achieve your goals!"

Check out our daily workout schedules and learn how to fit cardio workouts into your plan.

If you are just starting out, try walking workouts or low impact exercises.

For those of you that are more experienced, mix it up with high intensity interval training.

If you are into bike riding, spinning exercise, whether done in a class or at home is a great way to pump up that heart rate up to your maximum fat burning level!

Remember, losing body fat is where it's at. This can only be done by moving more than you eat and working out in your target heart rate zone.

If you dislike group fitness classes but enjoy cycling, try doing your cardiovascular workout on an exercise bike.

Other cardio options include jumping rope (a childhood favorite with a twist), exercise ball workouts for cardio, aerobics workouts, and yes, even certain yoga workouts get your heart rate up to the zone you are striving for.

"What About Cardio Equipment?"

You might be thinking we forgot to include the trusty treadmill, elliptical, and other cardio machine workouts. We didn't forget, we just wanted to throw in some other options and save the most popular for last.

It will be very important for you to switch up your cardio workouts in order to maximize them and reach your fitness goals without wasting time or getting bored.

Check out our cardio workouts and pump up your metabolism!

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