"Beginner Bicep Workout #1"

Sculpting strong sexy arms you feel great about showing off...that's what you'll get when you stick with this bicep workout for beginners!

This workout provides a foundation for you to build on. You'll do two forms of the seated curl in this routine.

Do these bicep exercises for 3 to 4 weeks and then choose another workout to mix it up and get even closer to your goals!

"Strengthen And Tone Your Biceps With These Exercises"

Seated Dumbbell Curls2 sets10-15 repetitions
Seated Cable/Tubing Curl2 sets10-15 repetitions

Congratulations! You've completed another strength training routine! Be sure to log your progress on your workout sheet!

Check your personal MAP and daily workout schedules to see how to fit bicep exercises in!

You're one step closer to your ideal body!

Here's to you!

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