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Best treadmill reviews combines reviews from consumers, experts, and information direct from the manufacturers so you can make an informed decision before purchasing. Check out our in depth treadmill reviews to find your best option for a treadmill for your home gym.

We will review simple treadmills for under $600 up to high end machines matching those you might see in your local health club. Before making such a major decision you should have as much information possible. As new models become available, or prices change we will be updating our review section.

Buyers Guide...

There are a number of items regarding the construction of treadmills that will ring true regardless of the manufacturer. Making the proper choice for your specific needs starts here. Depending on whether you want a basic treadmill simply for walking, or a high end machine designed to withstand the rigors of full running workouts, these basic guidelines will help.

Treadmill Motor: One of the most important features to look at when making your choice will be the size of the motor. As motor size increases, so does the price...but so too does the capability and versatility of the machine. We recommend buying the largest motor your budget allows. This will allow you to make adjustments to your workouts as your fitness levels increase.

Deck size: The next item you want to look at is the deck size. Again your planned use will help you make this decision. But again, larger will allow for more versatility. The larger deck sizes will accommodate running workouts more comfortably. Also if you are tall, you will want to consider a larger deck length to comfortably accommodate your stride, walking or running.

Deck cushioning: There are different levels of deck cushioning available. The more cushioning, the more protection to your joints and ligaments. This choice again, will be guided by your planned use of your treadmill. Runners will want more cushioning than walkers.

Incline levels: Another important feature to look at is incline. You can burn many more calories while working out on an incline than on a flat surface. There are even machines now that have interactive software that can vary incline during your workout for you. Generally incline rates vary from 0% to 20%.

Additional accessories: Now a days the list of accessories available is growing rapidly. Some things you might find quite appealing and others you may find unnecessary. As I mentioned, the ability of interactive software to change the incline of your treadmill according to trails loaded into the device. Let's not forget entertainment while working out. The time passes easier and you get more accomplished with entertainment components. There are machines available with TV, Mp3 and Ipod inputs on board with speakers included.

Other common features to look for include:

* Heart rate monitors

* Fold up deck for compact storage

* Ability to track workouts and monitor your progress

Some popular brands of treadmills include...

Proform treadmills

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