"Another Favorite From Our Best Ab Exercises Collection...
...The Leg Lift"

If you're like many folks I know, you're willing to spend the time if sexy abs are the result. Our Best Ab Exercises Collection shows you the most effective exercises for your goals!

The infamous leg lift or raise is another favorite. Include this in your workout and you'll see results!

Many folks regard this as a lower ab exercise.

"What if I told you there was no such thing as isolating "lower abs"?"


You've got a long muscle that runs from your rib cage to your pelvis, it's all one muscle there...let's rip it up!

"Ever Wondered How To Do Leg Raises Most Effectively?"

Grab your MAP and let's get going on this from our best ab exercises!

Leg raises work the muscles that help us bend at the middle and lift our legs!

Check out my variations on leg lifts to challenge your sides or obliques.

  1. Begin lying face up on the floor, legs straight out on the floor, arms at your side if you are a beginner.
    • If you are intermediate or advanced you can place your hands straight out above your head.
  2. Rest your arms on the floor without pushing down.
  3. Pull your belly button toward your spine and hold.
  4. Inhale, exhale and raise your legs so that your feet are directly above your hips.
  5. Inhale and lower your legs so they are 6 to 8 inches off of the floor.
  6. Exhale and raise your legs again.

Raising and lowering your legs once equals one repetition.

Complete 2 to 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions.

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