"3 Day Beginner Workout #2"


You have stuck with your beginner workout program for 3 to 4 weeks and are ready for a change! You're commitment and dedication shows in the results your getting!

Continue planning cardio workouts and strength training routines on the same day. Setting aside a total of an hour is perfect. 30 minutes for your cardio workout + 30 minutes for strength training.

"Cardiovascular Workouts For The Week"

We'll stick with walking workouts this week.

If you are walking outside, change your route, add a gradual hill into your walk.

Treadmill workouts can be switched by raising the incline manually or choose a pre-programmed workout.

Remember to warm up for 5 minutes. Work at your target heart rate zone for 20 minutes. Finish with a 5 minute cool down.

You're muscles are warm now!

Do you have time to do your strength training now?

If not, be sure to warm up for at least 5 minutes before starting! This will avoid injury keeping you on track. You'll be one step closer to success with every workout!

Let's get down to our strength training routines.

"Monday We'll Work Chest, Back, And Biceps"


Modified Push Ups2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Incline Chest Press2 sets10-15 repetitions/set


Tubing Row2 sets10-15 repetitions
Prone Leg Raises For Lower Back2 sets10-15 repetitions

The push ups you did in your chest routine also work the back muscles! ;)


Standing Tubing Curl2 sets10-15 repetitions
Seated Hammer Curl2 sets10-15 repetitions

"On Wednesdays Rip Up Your Abs And Rock Out Your Legs"


Lunge2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Side Step With Bands2 sets
Rear Leg Raise2 sets10-15 repetitions/set


Ab Crunch2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Reverse Crunch2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Plank2 sets5-10 repetitions/set

"TGIF! Finish The Week By Pumping Up Shoulders And Triceps"


Standing Overhead Press2 sets10-15 repetitions
Tubing Lateral Raise2 sets10-15 repetitions


Dumbbell Overhead Extensions2 sets10-15 repetitions
Cable/Tubing Extensions/Kick Backs2 sets10-15 repetitions

Congratulations! You have completed another workout! Your commitment and dedication are obvious! Stick with this fitness routine for 3 to 4 weeks and then change it up again!

Once you have completed 3day workout routines #1 and #2 you're well on your way to your fitness goals!

Check your MAP and daily workout schedules often to stay on track!

You're doing it! Let's keep it going!

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