"3 Day Beginner Workout #1"

This beginner workout is a fabulous starting point! Get ready to tackle both cardio and strength training workouts on the same days! You'll hit all of your major muscle groups in 3 days putting you closer to your ideal body.

Keep your eye on the prize as you workout your way through the week!

Mondays are a great place to start your workouts for the week.Let's work out Monday, Wednesday, Friday this week.

Let's get down to business.

Each workout day, schedule a 30 minute walk for yourself with an additional 30 minutes of strength training.

"Cardio Workout
Your 30 Minute Walk"

Begin by warming up for 5 minutes and then pump it up to your target heart rate zone for 20 minutes. End with 5 minutes of cool down.

Each time you complete a workout, give yourself a pat on the back and write it in your workout log!

Now for the strength training routines.

"Monday We'll Work Chest, Shoulders, And Triceps."


Dumbbell Chest Press2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Dumbbell Fly2 sets10-15 repetitions


Overhead Press 2 sets10 -15 repetitions per set
Lateral Raise 2 sets10 - 15 repetitions per set


Cable Pull Down Extension2 sets 10 - 15 repetitions/set
Dumbbell Extension/Kickback 2 sets10 - 15 repetitions/set

Alright! Now that you've completed your strength training and are feeling energized, be sure to write it down! I like to record my sets as I complete them.

Your commitment is obvious! Enjoy your rest and gear up for another energizing workout on Wednesday!

"Wednesday we'll work our back muscles, biceps, and abs."


Dumbbell Row2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Lat Pull Down2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
lower back extension2 sets10-15 repetitions/set


Seated dumbbell curls2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Seated cable/tubing curls2 sets10-15 repetitions/set


Pull In2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Plank2 sets5-10 repetitions/set

"TGIF! Let's Work Those Legs"

Our legs provide our built in mode of transportation. When you work your leg muscles you'll strengthen and tone for a sexy result. You'll look and feel great with lots of energy to spare!


Wall Squats2 sets10-15 repetitions/set
Standing Leg Curls2 sets10- 15 repetitions/set
Standing Calf Raise2 sets10-15 repetitions/set

Congratulations! You have completed 3day beginner workout#1! Be sure to note your hard work in your workout log!

You're on your way to that ideal body! Stick with this fitness routine for 4 weeks and then choose another.

"Challenge Is Key"

Keep this workout routine real by challenging yourself through each exercise. If the weights get easy all the way to 15 reps, then increase your weights so the last few repetitions are difficult.

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday are "days off".

On the days there are no scheduled workouts, see if you can fit in something active you enjoy. You might be surprised as your motivation and energy levels rise.

Here's to your success!

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