Beginner Back Workout #1

A strong back is essential for all of the activities you love!

Beginner back workout #1 will give you a terrific workout! You'll love the strength you gain.

The muscle you build will only boost your metabolism, and you know what that means! More fat burning and one step closer to your ideal body!

Let's get started!

Strong Back Muscles = Active Life

Exercise Sets Repetitions
Dumbbell Row 2 sets 10-15 repetitions/set
Tubing Row 2 sets 10-15 repetitions/set

Congratulations! You've completed another strength training routine! You're one step closer to your goals.

Keep that momentum going by recording your workout in your log!

Stick with your personal MAP and use those daily workout schedules you created!

Don't forget to give yourself a pat on your pumped up back!

Here's to you!

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