Proform Power 995 review...

The Proform Power 995 offers a nice blend of performance and durability. A larger motor than an economy model and longer deck belt are the main features that catch our attention.

The Power 995 includes a 2.75 chp motor and a extra long 20" x 60" ProShox Elite2 cushioned tread belt. This is an air-based cushioning which provides relief for your joints while exercising. This is a great feature for those of you who want to run. The additional length of the tread belt will also make longer strides more comfortable.

Compatible with iFit Live, which allows for interactive workouts, powered by Google maps and has automatic incline and speed controls. The Power 995 is also compatible with Nike + iPod. Simply connect your iPod, workout, then download your info and sync on This allows you to track your progress.

Other features include...

Space saver design with easy lift assist. As the name implies, the treadmill folds up vertically, and offers a lift assist to make it quite easy to store the unit.

Dual grip EKG heart monitor allows you to monitor your heart rate and remain in your target zone.

Multi-window LED display allows you to track your speed, time, distance, incline, pulse and calories burned so you can monitor your progress throughout your workout.

This unit also has a workout fan to keep you cool while working out.

Also included is a speaker system, along with your iPod or MP3 player you can enjoy music while working out.

Overall the Proform Power 995 offers some very impressive features at an attractive price point. The reviews of this machine are positive. We feel the Power 995 is a great value and an excellent starting point for a true running treadmill.

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