"3Day Workout Routine = Success"

A 3day workout routine means getting cardio and strength training in on the same day. This is a great way to work flexibility into your schedule.

If you don't have a fitness plan laid out, MAP your plan for success with my unique MAP (Motivation. Action. Plan.)! Visit my daily workout schedules page and fit your workouts in your busy schedule!

Planning is your key to reaching those fitness goals. Just picture how you'll look and feel when you achieve success! Ahhhh.

Planning 3 days per week to work out means setting aside a total of one hour per day, 3 days per week. You can do your hour straight or split it up. It feels great to plan and complete workouts! Fitting in 3 workouts per week is a great starting place.

Check out the tables below. Find your fitness level and choose one of the workout routines for specific exercise routines.

**Use workout sheets to log your progress!

"Work Each Muscle Group Once A Week With These Workouts"

BeginnerWorkout #1Workout #2
IntermediateWorkout #1Workout #2
AdvancedWorkout #1Workout #2

The above workouts work each muscle group once a week. If you'd like to work your muscles more frequently, choose from the following table. Here you'll alternate between two workouts, throughout the week.

"Work Muscle Groups More Often With These Workouts"

BeginnerWorkout AWorkout B
IntermediateWorkout AWorkout B
AdvancedWorkout AWorkout B

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